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Survey of
U.S. History to 1945

by David Lovell


Survey of United States History to 1945 which goes through World War II has been approved for purchase in New York City, among many other communities nationally. This course includes an easy-to use pacing guide that ensures coverage of all applicable national and state standards. Based on a traditional lecture approach, these course materials have more than 400 colorful PowerPoint slides that support classroom discussion and ensure student engagement. The daily lesson plans include substantial content background for the teacher covering each day’s lecture assignment, reducing teacher preparation time. Woven through the course are innovative original reading and writing assignments that challenge students to combine both their increasing history knowledge with effective essay writing skills. Frequent quizzes help students master hundreds of vocabulary terms; course materials include chapter tests and two versions of a final exam.

Teacher Manual & Student Activities Book: 1,402 pages

Table of Contents:

  1. Europe and America: A Chance Meeting
  2. Establishment of the British Colonies in North America
  3. Government and Society in the Colonial Period
  4. Colonial Resistance to British rule, Declaration of Independence, and American Revolution
  5. Articles of Confederation and American Constitution
  6. Jefferson, Madison, and the War of 1812
  7. Post-War Nationalism and Jacksonian Democracy
  8. Occupation of the Far West and Pre-Civil War Economy and Society
  1. Sectionalism and the American Civil War
  2. Reconstruction
  3. Grant and the Post-War Economy
  4. Spanish American War, Theodore Roosevelt, and the American Empire
  5. Woodrow Wilson and First World War
  6. Roaring Twenties, Great Depression and Franklin Roosevelt
  7. Second World War

Course materials cover a full year with daily support for all aspects of instruction. The Teacher’s Edition includes a syllabus; correlation to standards; pacing guide; daily lesson plans; teacher’s workbook; CD with daily class notes in PDF (for use as color overheads) and/or PowerPoints; complete assessments. Classroom sets includes 25 Student Workbooks and Teacher Edition with CD. After purchase of Teacher’s Edition, additional Student Workbooks are available for individual purchase. Click here for details.

Version Product Number Pricing
Teacher Edition and Classroom Set
Included 3 times email access
to a mentoring teacher. CD Included


$899 US
Includes 25 student
activities books and
teacher's manual
Teacher Edition Subscription
Included 3 times email access
to a mentoring teacher. CD Included

ISBN: 1-931680-46-9

$349 US
Print your own student
activities books from CD

904 pages

Student Activities Book

ISBN: 1-931680-45-0

$26 US
Teacher Edition
purchase is required
to buy individual copies

286 pages

Mentoring Teacher Program Subscription
This subscription allows for 25 times email
access to the mentoring teacher
for 370 days after purchase.


$200 US
Teacher Edition
purchase is required

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