Purchasing Qualifications

Who can order from Teaching Point?

College Students: Matriculating college and university students qualify.

Faculty/Staff: PK-12 as well as all post-secondary faculty and staff members.

Schools: To place school orders, order online or fax a school Purchase Order to 1-904-296-7385 or call our School Sales Department at 1-904-296-0212. All orders from outside the U.S. are to be paid in advance by check, card or wire transfer. If not ordering online, inquire about payment alternatives to tporder@teaching-point.net

Home Schooling: Those who are home schooling must provide a valid photo ID, and a copy of one of the following:

  • Letter of intent to home school addressed to local school district for current school year.
  • Home School Legal Defense Association membership card.
  • Home School Charter School membership card.

Non Academic Customer:
Customers not affiliated with an educational institution may purchase any of our Insturctional Support titles. Scroll down to the bottom of the Catalog page on the web site until you arrive at the Instructional Support section. The product order code will include a "-R-" in the second letter position. Any order received for educational material, other than Instructional Support titles, will be canceled unless academic verification is received.

Proof of Academic Status

You will need to provide proof of your academic status. No order will be shipped until a valid academic ID or proof is received. You can place your order at anytime. We will place your order on "hold" until we receive your valid academic ID. Upon receipt of your academic ID, we will ship out your order.

Acceptable Forms of Academic Proof:
(Any one of the following)

  • Faxed 1-904-296-7385 or emailed (tporder@teaching-point.net) purchase order from school.
  • Web site address of your school or district with link to faculty page listing your name and corresponding email address
  • Dated Student ID Card
  • Dated Faculty ID Card
  • Dated, current class schedule with your name as instructor
  • Letter from school on school letterhead
  • Recent faculty/staff pay stub (please black out salary information) scanned and attached to an email or faxed to Teaching Point at 904-296-7385*

How to Send Your Academic Proof:

  • FAX: to 1-904-296-7385
  • EMAIL: Send to tporder@teaching-point.net (Attach proof to email. File must be in one of the following formats: .JPG, .TIFF, .PDF, .DOC, .GIF
  • MAIL: Teaching Point, 9838 Old Baymeadows Road, Suite 311, Jacksonville, Florida 32256-8101 USA

Funding for Purchase

TEACHINGpoint instructional support course material and Mentoring Teacher Program qualify for funding, beyond departmental budgets in most countries as professional development or instructional support materials. In the U.S., for instance, there are many sources for funding Teaching Point Instructional Support Materials and Mentoring Teacher Program in schools including but not limited to : No Child Left Behind: Title I, 10% of which can be used for professional development, for which Teaching Point materials qualify; and Title IIa, Improving Teacher quality State Grants, which is 100% for professional development of teachers (speak to your School District Federal Funds Director); Carl Perkins Foundation, Tech Prep Consortia, Comprehensive School Reform Grants, Achievement Zone, Gates Foundation, RTI Funds, Workforce Development Grants, State and Federal Grant Funds, Milton Foundation, and Race to the Top, Professional Development funds; New Teacher funds; School Improvement funds; Comprehensive School Reform funding; local, state, regional or national educational foundations.

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