Perspectives on

American History Unit

by William Korach

19 session Unit for U.S. History, Civics & American Government

Perspectives on American History is a unit designed to support U.S. History, Civics and American Government instruction regarding America's founding and the development of American Law and Ethics.

Perspectives provides nineteen 45-55 minute sessions that take students through the ideas of the early settlers, the writings and speeches of the Founders. It provides historic profiles and quotes of American Settlers, Founders, Framers of the Constitution , and great thinkers like de Tocqueville and  Blackstone. Perspectives  also contains quotes from the speeches and meetings of modern leaders like Franklin Roosevelt, Harry Truman and John F. Kennedy well into the 20th Century.

Included for the teacher are the lesson plans, class notes in PowerPoint, activities, assessments and keys. The material is delivered in either eBook or Printed teacher manual. Separate student activity books include original documents (Magna Carta, Declaration of Independence, Constitution, Bill of Rights, etc.). The eBook teacher version is screen view only and eBook student versions would typically be ordered with them. The Printed Teacher Manual version comes with the dowloadable files for viewing or printing. The Class Set comes with 25 pre-printed student books, the teacher manual and downloadable files. After purchase of any Teacher’s Edition, additional Student Activity books are available for individual purchase.

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Table of Contents (8 lessons over 19 sessions):

1. (2 parts) Legal and Ethical Concepts of America's Founding
2. (2 parts) Perspectives on American History
3. (3 parts) Source and Evolution of American Law
in the Colonies
4. (3 parts) The Statesmen of the Revolution

5. (3 parts) Education in America in 18th and 19th Century; Late 19th Century Supreme Court Decisions
6. (2 parts) Influences Upon Great Events, Lincoln's Decisions and Great Speeches
7. (2 parts) Recent American Leadership
8. (2 parts) Course Summary
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