U.S. History to 2016

by David Lovell
and George Cassutto


U.S. History covers the period from course 1492 to present day. This course includes an easy-to use pacing guide that ensures coverage of all applicable national and state standards. Based on a traditional lecture approach, these course materials include colorful editable PowerPoint slides that support classroom discussion and ensure student engagement. The daily lesson plans include substantial content background for the teacher covering each day’s lecture assignment, reducing teacher preparation time. Woven through the course are innovative original reading and writing assignments that challenge students to combine both their increasing history knowledge with effective essay writing skills. Frequent quizzes help students master vocabulary and terms; course materials include editable chapter tests and final exam.

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Chapter 1 – Europe and America: A Chance Meeting
Chapter 2 – Establishment of the British Colonies in North America
Chapter 3 - Government and Society in the Colonial Period
Chapter 4 – Resistance to British rule, Declaration of Independence, and American Revolution
Chapter 5 – The Articles of Confederation and the American Constitution
Chapter 6 – Jefferson, Madison, and the War of 1812
Chapter 7 – Post-War Nationalism and Jacksonian Democracy
Chapter 8 –The Occupation of the Far West and the Pre-Civil War Economy and Society
Chapter 9 – Sectionalism and the American Civil War
Chapter 10 – Reconstruction
Chapter 11 – The Administration of Grant and the Post-War Economy
Chapter 12 – The Spanish American War, Theodore Roosevelt, and the American Empire

Chapter 13 – Woodrow Wilson and the First World War
Chapter 14 – The Roaring Twenties, the Great Depression, and Franklin Roosevelt
Chapter 15 – America and the Second World War
Chapter 16 – Harry S. Truman and the Cold War
Chapter 17 – The Eisenhower Administration
Chapter 18 – The Kennedy and Johnson Administrations
Chapter 19 – The Nixon, Ford and Carter Administrations
Chapter 20 – The Reagan Administration
Chapter 21 – The George H.W. Bush Administration
Chapter 22 – The Administration of William Jefferson “Bill” Clinton
Chapter 23 – The George W. Bush Administration
Chapter 24 – The Obama Administration-Election of 2016

These instructional support materials (available in print or eBook versions), regularly updated, cover the complete course (at regular, honors, AP and IB levels), whether it be semester, year or 2-year (IB) with daily support for all aspects of instruction. The Teacher’s Edition includes a syllabus; correlation to standards; daily pacing guide; detailed daily lesson plans; teacher edition of student activity book or lab manual with answers; class notes in PDF (for use as color overheads) and/or editable PowerPoint's (for use with light projector or smartboard); and complete editable assessments. Classroom sets include 25 printed student books and Teacher Edition with DVD. Samples are available for each course (including complete short-term limited screen view versions in eBook format upon request). After purchase of the Teacher Edition in any of the various editions, student activity books or lab manuals are available for individual purchase. Although the online eBook version is screen view only, other versions are available that allow printing student material. Click here for details.

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