Model United Nations

by Louis Guglielmo


Model United Nations or Model UN is an amazing academic opportunity for high school, and even middle school students. The program in a nutshell is a simulation of the proceedings of the United Nations organization, It is a program that raises student awareness in all avenues of world affairs including but not limited to, Disarmament, Trade, International Sovereignty, International Disputes, Sanctions, Development, Peacekeeping, Regional Relations, and the fostering of peace and diplomacy throughout the world.

Students research and prepare positions on a specific country’s policy, as well as specific topics assigned to them. Major universities traditionally sponsor conferences; although a large number of small-regional high school competitions are becoming quite popular. Also participation in Model UN is not limited to attending a sponsored event. Quite often, schools organize their own meetings and discussions as a way of introducing their students to the process.

This manual is designed to examine all the nuances and subtleties to getting your own Model UN chapter off the ground, or turning your existing program into a nationally recognized award winner.

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Table of Contents:

Chapter 1: What is Model UN? A basic examination of what Model UN is all about
Chapter 2: Club or Class? You mean I am doing all this work…and it doesn’t count?
Chapter 3: How to get started: MUN from A-Z and all points in between and sample resolution
Chapter 4: The General Assembly:  by Alex Rafla
Chapter 5: The Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC Committees) by Jane Scudder
Chapter 6: Specialized Agencies by Sonali Patel

Chapter 7: Regional Summits and International Bodies by Shazia Mehmood
Chapter 8: Crisis Bodies: Security Council and Historic Security Council by Arthur Gilliam
Chapter 9: The Press Corps By Neelesh Harlmalker
Chapter 10: The International Court of Justice
Chapter 11: Non-Governmental Organizations by Sara Polefka
Chapter 12: Expert Advice

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