IB History of the Americas

by George Burson

Newly Updated to 2008 IB Curriculum*

The material in this edition of IB History of the Americas has been thoroughly revised and updated to meet the IBO 2008 History of the Americas curriculum (first examinations 2010). This curriculum deals with the information required in all 12 sections of the Americas regional option so that teachers can pick and choose the material they want to emphasize. Teachers who either want to, or who are required to, teach a survey of U.S. or Canadian history while teaching IB® history can use the included material that will not be on the IB exam to help them do so. Material that is required by IBO for its exam is clearly delineated. In addition to the Americas regional option, this curriculum also focuses on all three of the IB® 20 th century world history prescribed subjects and the following 20 th century world history topics: Topic 1—“Causes, practices and effects of war,” and Topic 5—“The Cold War.”

The Student Activity Book includes the essential elements of each lesson in an outline format to help students take notes and to ensure they have accurate material for exam review. The homework and classroom assignments that are included are specifically designed to help teach students the skills and knowledge necessary to score well on all three parts of the IB® history exam. Practice Paper 1 exams and Unit essay questions are based on past IB® exam questions. While there are no multiple choice questions on the IB® history exams, multiple choice questions for each Unit are included so that teachers can use them for classroom quizzes and/or review questions. The grading rubric and suggested answers are based on the latest IB® model. PowerPoint's and overheads that are included with the curriculum are integrated with the teacher lesson plans.

"As an IB History teacher I have benefited greatly from using the teaching packet that your company produces. Most of my lesson plans are based on the suggested lessons included in your packet."
--Ignacio Albarracin, IB History of the Americas, American School of Tegucigalpa

 IB History of the Americas is a comprehensive, well-researched guide to the content currently included on the International Baccalaureate History (HL) examination. Mr. Burson successfully achieves his purpose of providing a consensus view of American and 20th century history. The guide will prove itself valuable to the new teacher and the teacher new to the IB History course. Students will understand the interpretive nature of the subject. The guide is a valuable addition to the rapidly growing need for IB preparation materials. The writing is excellent. State-of-the-field literature is included. The visual material included in the guide is outstanding. Maps, charts, tables, newspapers, posters, and illustrations are well-chosen and will easily motivate student discussion. The accumulated material far surpasses the visual content found in a single textbook. Organization is clear and allows the teacher flexibility in decisions regarding how much time to be given each lesson. Further, as the first guide of its kind in the IB field, teachers will be encouraged with its basic ideas to formulate their own and create additional instructional and testing methods.” --Frank Bunton, IB History of the Americas Teacher, Stanton College Preparatory High School, Jacksonville, Florida

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Table of Contents:

1 – The Colonial Period
2 – Independence Movements
3 – Nation-Building and challenges
4 – U.S. Civil War: Causes, Cause and Effects, 1840-77
5 – The Development of United States, 1865-1929
6 – Development of Modern Nations, 1865-1929
7 – The Emergence of the Americas
in Global Affairs, 1880–1929
8 – The Mexican Revolution, 1910–1940
9 – World War I

10 – Peacemaking, Peacekeeping - Intl. Relations,1929-39
11 – The Great Depression and the Americas, 1929-1939
12 – Vargas of Brazil and Peron of Argentina
13 – World War II
14 – Political Developments in the US after World War II
15 – Political Developments in the Americas after World War II
16 – The Arab-Israeli Conflict, 1945-1979
17 – The Cold War
18—Civil Rights and Social Movements in the Americas
19– Communism in Crisis, 1976-1991

These instructional support materials (available in print or eBook versions), regularly updated, cover the complete course (at regular, honors, AP and IB levels), whether it be semester, year or 2-year (IB) with daily support for all aspects of instruction. The Teacher’s Edition includes a syllabus; correlation to standards; daily pacing guide; detailed daily lesson plans; teacher edition of student activity book or lab manual with answers; class notes in PDF (for use as color overheads) and/or editable PowerPoint's (for use with light projector or smartboard); and complete editable assessments. Classroom sets include 25 printed student books and Teacher Edition with DVD. Samples are available for each course (including complete short-term limited screen view versions in eBook format upon request). After purchase of the Teacher Edition in any of the various editions, student activity books or lab manuals are available for individual purchase. Although the online eBook version is screen view only, other versions are available that allow printing student material. Click here for details.

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