Marine Biology & Oceanography

by Carol Matthews


Field tested and used successfuly in more than 1,000 schools, the New York State Marine Education Association gave this year-long course an excellent review. Course materials give high school students a rich, laboratory-based learning experience, with 46 exciting labs and accompanying lectures that cover all applicable national and/or state standards. Designed to be used with any Marine Biology or Oceanography textbook, these instructional materials include:

1) standard alignments;

2) complete list of lab materials is included, with sources for each;

3). an easy-to-use pacing guide reducing teacher preparation time;

4) comprehensive daily lesson plans providing point-of-use content background and teaching strategies to support classroom success for out-of-field instructors;

5) editable assessments,

6) over 40 classroom-tested labs and activities that are creative and engaging;

7) class notes in editable PowerPoint format correlated to the detailed daily lesson plans; and

8) Mentoring teacher access.

Table of Contents:

  1. History of Oceanography
  2. Ocean Geology
  3. Navigation
  4. Water Chemistry
  5. Marine Ecology
  6. Pelagic Zone
  7. Polar Seas
  8. Coral Reefs
  9. Benthic Zone
  10. Rocky Coastal Zones
  11. Sandy Coastal Beach Zones
  12. Estuaries and Nekton

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Marine Biology is written by the same teacher-author as AP Environmental Science, Environmental Science, Freshwater and Aquatic Science. The Judge's comment regarding the AP Environmental Science was: "Excellent work and certainly relevant!  The student manual gives students the opportunity to see concepts in practice.  This is probably the best material that I have seen on environmental  science."

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This text is one of only 7 awarded nationally that year and the only one for the Physical Sciences.

Text and Academic Authors Association Textbook Excellence (“Texty”) Award:
Recognizing Current Textbooks and Learning Materials for Excellence
This text was awarded a "Textbook Excellence Award" from the Text and Academic Authors Association (TAA) the only association devoted solely to serving textbook and academic authors since 1987 ( The "Textbook Excellence Award" recognizes works for their excellence in the areas of content, presentation, appeal, and teachability. These awards are given each year in several academic disciplines for both elementary and high school works and college titles. TAA's panel of judges are all noted textbook authors in these disciplines.

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