Honors Chemistry

by Randolph Femmer


This is the help you have been looking for: Fifteen units ranging from electron configurations to nuclear chemistry. Each unit features PowerPoints, richly-illustrated class notes, student worksheets, labs, enrichment activities, and demonstrations. Covering topics from dimensional analysis and stoichiometry to thermochemistry and the autoionization of water, this Chem 1 Honors package features scores of labs, demonstrations, and enrichment activities. Students and teachers will love the “Molecular Visualization” computer activities that boast interactive 3-D molecules that students can display, modify, label, and rotate through three dimensions in space.

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Table of Contents:

  1. Introduction to Chemistry
  2. Atomic Structure and Bonding
  3. Electron Configurations
  4. The Role of Electrons in Bonding
  5. Milestones in the History of Chemistry
  6. Periodicity, Atomic Radii, and Electronegativity
  7. Reactions, Oxidation Numbers, and Dimensional Analysis
  1. Reaction Rates, Equilibrium, and Stoichiometry
  2. The Chemistry of Water, Liquids, and Solutions
  3. The Chemistry of the Gases
  4. Acids, Bases, Salts, and pH
  5. Thermochemistry, Enthalpy, and Entropy
  6. Organic Chemistry
  7. Redox Reactions and Electrochemistry
  8. Nuclear Chemistry

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