Tough Kids, Tough Classrooms

by Katie McKy


"Tough Kids, Tough Classrooms" imparts practical ways to achieve healthy relationships with the most difficult students-relationships that empower teaching and learning. It is based upon 25 years of teaching emotionally disturbed children (K-12) in urban schools, Appalachia, and a reservation, sometimes in groups as large as 35. This book dispels common misconceptions about tough kids and decodes what tough kids say. It presents relational and instructional strategies that reach and teach the toughest kids. Rich with anecdotes and analogies, it provides an engaging, lively read. Katie McKy, the author, is Harvard educated and a former Harvard teaching fellow. She writes for many magazines and has two more books in development. Deemed a "brave and original thinker" by The New Yorker, Tough Kids blends the most current theories about behavior and group dynamics with two and a half decades of frontline experiences. Tough Kids, Tough Classrooms delineates strategies to cultivate compliance from the most resistant students, making your classroom a healthier, happier, and more productive place. Click here for details.


Table of Contents:

Chapter 1: It’s Not About You
Chapter 2: It’s About You
Chapter 3: The Pain of Change
Chapter 4: Relationship, Relationship, Relationship
Chapter 5: The Power of Ratio
Chapter 6: The Power of Cookies
Chapter 7: The Power of Referential Praise
Chapter 8: The Power of Surprise
Chapter 9: The Power of Just Being With Them
Chapter 10: The Power of Movement
Chapter 11: The Power of Taking Your Time
Chapter 12: The Power of Pacing
Chapter 13: The Power of Ownership
Chapter 14: The Power of Saturation

Chapter 15: The Power of Conflict
Chapter 16: The Power of Silence
Chapter 17: The Power of Magic Words
Chapter 18: The Power of Letting Them Know What’s Coming
Chapter 19: Tough Kids Know Their Way…Around Rules
Chapter 20: Keep Them in the Room
Chapter 21: Those Other Things That Teachers Do
Chapter 22: The Tantrum
Chapter 23: The Ultra-Tantrum
Chapter 24: It’s not Fair
Chapter 25: Those Days When you Just Can’t do It
Chapter 26: Allies
Chapter 27: The Complex Classroom
Chapter 28: In the Final Analysis

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