Before the Bell
Mentoring New Teachers

Edited by Kathy Kobliski,
Karol Gibson and Jodee Szakacs
(Replaces the book Teacher to Teacher)

All new K-12 teachers will benefit from and be grateful for the wisdom imparted within the pages of this mentoring book. It was written by veteran educators – who climbed into a mental time machine to remember the pitfalls and problems they faced as new teachers.

Student teachers and new classroom teachers can hit the ground running and feel more confident about being the “newbie” in the building and in front of students.

The book covers everything from what (and what not) to wear, how to deal with parents, administrators, other teachers, and rowdy students, as well as  how to take charge of the classroom on day one, proper teacher-pupil relationships, and examples of ways to introduce creativity into lessons.  This book is best read before the bell!


Table of Contents:

Section 1: Listen up!
1:1 Introduction by Kathy Megyeri
1:2 Earning Pearls of Wisdom by Melanie Peterson
1:3 Rules of Engagement by Kathy Kobliski
1:4 Teacher Tips on Instructional Strategies by Thomas Loew
1:5 Ten Important Lessons (From my 1st Year of Teaching) by Kathy Megyeri
1:6 Student Nutrition by Jennifer Williams
1:7 Classroom Management by Kenny Gechter
1:8 Learn from Us Old Teachers by Kathy Megyeri
1:9 The Teachable Moment by Lynette Bocian Cunningham
1:10 Delivering Bad News by Karol J. Gibson
1:11 Respectful Discipline by Jodee Szakacs
1:12 Substitute Teachers – Angels of Mercy by Kathy A. Megyeri
1:13 Classroom Management by Vida Sanchez
1:14 Fights and Baggies by Jennifer Williams
1:15 Tools of the Trade by Barbara Gordon
1:16 Teacher Bashing by Kathy Megyeri
1:17 Take Enough Time by Karol J. Gibson
1:18 Preconceived Notions by Kathy J. Kobliski
1:19 The Impact of Teachers by Kathy Megyeri
1:20 Earn Students’ Respect, Not Their Friendship by Michelle Smith, M.A.
1:21 Interpersonal Relationships by Kenny Gechter
1:22 Student Evaluations Teach Teachers by Kathy A. Megyeri
1:23 Parental Involvement by Betsy Rogers
1:24 Ready or Not by Jo Crow
1:25 Bribes and Rewards by Kathy A. Megyeri

Section 2: Creativity Rules!
2:1 You’ll Need Some Inspiration! by Kathy J. Kobliski
2:2 Weaving Creativity through Teaching by Jennifer Sisul
2:3 Creative Teaching & Critical Thinking by Pamela J. Galus
2:4 Student-inspired Classrooms by Pam Schmidt
2:5 Wake Them Up! by Kathy J. Kobliski
2:6 Reflection Exercise - Community Assets
2:7 Help is Right Outside! by Karol J. Gibson
2:8 Bringing Books to Life by Hope Blecher-Sass
2:9 Service Learning by Kathy Megyeri
2:10 Grand Illusion by Philip Bigler
2:11 Project Van Go by Jennifer Williams
2:12 Reflection Exercise
2:13 Diner Lingo by Dana White Petrie
2:14 Dominos, Pencils and Sticks by Thomas Loew
2:15 Telling Time in French by Catherine Yost
2:16 Teaching the Concept of Unconformity by Jill Gravante
2:17 Mickey Journal by Melodie L. Cunningham
2:18 Tonight’s Top Story by Ron Foreso
2:19 Reflection Exercise
2:20 Use Yours and Theirs by Barbara Gordon
2:21 Cultural Baggage by Vida Sanchez
2:22 Family Helpers, Jobs and Tools by Susan Banchero
2:23 Comparing Real Events to Memories by Vida Sanchez
2:24 Mementos of Life’s Journey by Hope Blecher-Sass
2:25 Reflection Exercise
2:26 What Challenges Lie Ahead by Millie Harris
2:27 A “Just Right” Environment by Dana White Petrie
2:28 A Blueprint for Becoming a Creative Teacher by Barbara Forshag
2:29 Everyone is a Teacher by Mary Jo Ann Crow
2:30 Reflection Exercise - Comparing Real Events to Memory Worksheets

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