SyRF Systems
The Synergetic Redesigning of Fitness

by Lorne Young and Rhona Konrad

SyRF Systems, The Synergetic Redesigning of Fitness, is an evolutionary and revolutionary health and fitness system that integrates the most ancient science and energy systems from the East (acupuncture, chi gong, tai chi, kung fu) with the most recent science and energy systems from the West (loop quantum gravity, synergetics, string theory, information science and holographic universe theories). The synergy of these two seemingly opposite and contradictory paradigms has resulted in the discovery, creation and production of exciting advances in both physical and metaphysical health and fitness that were not possible by employing these different systems separately. SyRF Systems includes:
  1. The SyRF Workout and Gear (SyRFing) includes the unique equipment and techniques of the system
  2. Synergetic Energy Field Resonance (SyRFER)
  3. SyRF and TyRF: It’s All About ME: Conscious Intake Strategy and Mindful Eating (CIS ME)
  4. DSM - Dynamic Synergetic Meditation
  5. You

4.1.0 Research and Testimonials
Our controlled research protocol has been published in the IBNA Journal of Best Practice and has shown that this technique is effective and efficient in the transformation of stress and increasing physical strength and endurance as measured by the following indicators and criteria:

  • Increase in strength and endurance
  • Calming effect/feeling more relaxed/transforming stress
  • Increase in ability to focus, concentrate, and increase in awareness
  • Increase in the ability to feel the energy or chi moving and magnetism flowing through the body. Feeling more rejuvenated
  • Increase in ability to study and retain information

Some quotes from the 250 students (grade 8-12) in the research group are below:

4.1.1 Increase in strength and endurance

  • “I am 6’ 6” tall and have been on the Varsity basketball team for the past 3 years. I have tried everything possible to get to dunk the ball for the past 3 years. Nothing. After using SyRF Systems for 2 weeks I finally dunked and with authority. Thanks so much. It has changed my life.”
  • “I loved doing the meditation. It helped me physically and mentally to do more push-ups. When I was doing push-ups after the meditation I felt I could do more than before meditation. I loved it!!”
  • “The second time I did the push-ups, I was calmer and more focussed on the task at hand. This task was the only thing on my mind as opposed to before when other things popped into my head.”
  • “It got physically and mentally easier.”
  • “During push-ups I felt like I could do them more easily”

4.1.2 Calming effect/feeling more relaxed/transforming stress

  • “After a few minutes it started to feel really good”
  • “Just a week until exams, but the exercises are really great, they're the only reason I'm not totally stressed out right now”
  • “Helped me relax but also energized me”
  • “I practiced for 10 felt comfortable and relaxing”
  • “Calmer. Performance was good, I feel good about myself.”
  • “I now feel more relaxed and energetic”
  • “More relaxed; easier; stronger; lots of thoughts and emotions; no stress ; happier.” Grade 9 student

4.1.3. Increased ability to focus, concentrate, awareness

  • “I tried the technique for 10 minutes before starting to study…it really helped me concentrate.”
  • “My mind stopped wandering after practice”
  • “Information kept racing through my head, couldn't stop rehashing it....tried the technique to calm myself down ….it was very effective”
  • “Very effective to avoid nervous friends and focus myself”
  • “After the exercise I was much more alert and could concentrate better though I was no less tired”
  • “I experienced a stimulating exercise. I enjoyed it.”

4.1.4 Able to feel the energy or chi moving/magnetism flowing/felt rejuvenated

  • “I definitely feel more energetic”
  • “I was tired going into it (the practice) but now I feel surprisingly awake”
  • “It felt phenomenal...I had a cool shiver run down my spine, it felt really neat and I felt lighter i.e. less heavy”
  • “I felt something magnetic between my hands. I felt unusually calm. Motionless. I was thinking of air entering my lungs.”
  • “Felt the energy building between my hands, relaxed, energetic”
  • “The moving energy visualization relaxed me a lot. Headache was gone”

4.1.5. Increase in ability to study and retain information

  • “I tried the technique for 10 minutes before starting to study…it really helped me concentrate.”
  • “I've been having trouble concentrating on my exams…however the techniques have calmed my nerves more or less and I can study without agitation now.”
  • “I was having a hard time studying for long periods of time…but with the meditation I’m finding it much easier to study for tests and exams. I love it. Academic Feedback on DSM:

“I meditated before my English oral exam this past December (I often get nervous before presentations) and I found that the meditation relaxed me and improved the quality of my presentation because it was more continuous and less chopped up by pauses. In general meditating has worked well for me as a way to relax before important events.” Grade 12 student

"Anyone who plays a musical instrument knows that playing under testing or performance conditions are the most nerve-wracking experiences one can face. I was forced to confront such a situation in my practical piano exam. In previous exams, I was overcome by anxiety which often lead to mistakes and sometimes a more superficial treatment of the music. However, my experience in the SYRF Systems dynamic synergetic meditation club changed this. Before this piano exam I underwent a slow meditation process using DSM, slowing my breathing, and calming my body. This calmed my nerves as I went into the examination room. This initial meditation, coupled with several short meditations preceding each piece, drastically changed the overall effect of my exam. I found myself much more engaged in the music, and hence, played the pieces with a greater passion that up to that point I did not know I possessed." Grade 11 student Adult responses

“I felt stronger, a sense of ease, quietness, a purposefulness, “lost” myself during the meditation.” 53 year old male teacher

“Feeling more energized. Felt quiet and connected.” 44 year old female teacher

“Calmer but more alert (awake).” 55 year old female teacher

“I felt a force between my hands with the circle hands technique and I’m feeling more capable.” 47 year old female teacher

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