Differentiated Instruction

by SiriNam Khalsa

The author shows teachers how to differentiate, or adapt and structure lessons at every grade level and content area to provide support or "scaffolds" for:
  • The Presentation of lessons,
  • The Practice used in learning, and
  • The Assessment of learning.
Teachers can use the many practical examples and guides offered in this book as they begin to differentiate instruction in their own mixed-ability classrooms. The author provides recent research concerning how students best think and learn and several practical strategies which support student engagement. Strategies include cooperative learning, curriculum compacting, graphic organizers, the rhythm of presenting a lesson, checking in, portfolios, and academic choice. As Khalsa says, "Differentiating instruction is 'thinking out of the box.' It challenges the teacher to approach the art of teaching from different perspectives while maintaining the goal of student achievement."

Table of Contents:

1. Establishing a Foundation
2. Creating a Work Oriented Classroom
3. Strategies for Differentiating Instruction
4. A Look at Differentiated Classrooms
5. Establishing an Island of Competence
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