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Contact TEACHINGpoint to become a Teacher-Author.

Please include the following information.

Pre-Publication Information Form 
Give us an idea where you are in the publication process. Any "no" answers will simply mean that those materials are not yet completed. The following 21 questions deal with a) copyrights, b) text and c) illustrations. Some questions may not apply.

Yes/No/NA   Section A. Copyright questions:
         1) Is all your material original?
         2) If this is your original material, have you copyrighted it (we can help)?
         3) Is some of this material copyrighted by someone else (you may still be able to use it)?
    4) If #3 is yes, may we help in getting permission from the copyright holder to use the                        material?

Remember, we want to provide teachers with full course classroom preparation materials (not just a random lesson plan here, a lab there). Everything needed on a day-to-day basis should be included so that new teachers, or those recently assigned out-of-field, can jump start their instructional learning curve. At the elementary level this may include units strung together to get through the year.

Yes/No/NA   Section B. Course Preparation questions:
          5) Does your course work cover the material & meet standards for in state & national                         guidelines for the subject matter?
          6) Have you published work in the past?
          7) Is the work you are submitting to us published by someone else?
          8) Are your materials typed into a word processing program on disk?
          9) Syllabus with timeline?
        10) Daily lesson plans?
        11) Daily lecture notes?
   12) Labs (if necessary and enough for minimum state and national requirements)                        with answers and procedure?
        13) Worksheets and keys?
        14) Homework and keys?
        15) Quizzes and keys?
        16) 2 sets of tests and keys (same tests rearranged on 2nd set to inhibit possibility of                        cheating)?
        17) Separate student (blank) copies of above materials
        18) Separate teacher version of above student materials with all answers?

Yes/No/NA    Section C. Illustrations:
        19) Do you have color illustrations or images (black and white drawings
                         are fine) to go with your materials?
   20) If you have illustrations, are they already scanned into your documents and positioned                        with text as you intend for publishing?
   21) If you don't have illustrations, do you need some (can we help)?

First Name*
Last Name*

Invitation ID, if any

Subject of your materials*
Grade Level *
Day Phone*
Evening Phone*
Your teacher website address
PC or MAC*
Do you use PowerPoint?*
Macromedia Flash?*
Brand of Word Processor*
Undergrad Major*
Undergrad Minor*
Grad Degree Major*
Years teaching course
you will be reviewing
*Required Fields 

Qualifications, resume notes and comments about your written work (you may wish to send a resume attached to a separate email, addressed to author@teaching-point.net)

In reference to the above information, you agree to submit only work that may be copyrighted by you, or previously copyrighted material for which we may obtain permission to publish.  A complete agreement covering all legal details and royalties will be available upon a decision to publish your work. Teaching Point agrees to a non-disclosure of any information you submit until such time as you agree to publish.  Some subjects may lend themselves to the publishing of materials by more than one author, particularly if each focuses on a different textbook. Others may be submitting similar course work simultaneously to us and the Teaching Point reserves the right to choose which, or all, materials to publish.

Thank you

Thank you for communicating with us! We look forward to the possibility of working with you on this great project as a partner in educational advancement.


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