MAC and PC Note: Materials are available in 3 versions: eBook, DVD only or printed with DVD. The eBook "screen view only" version may be displayed on both MAC and PC computers, tablets or mobile devices. The assessments and class notes (PowerPoint's) can be saved, edited and printed using the DVD version. Although the DVD files are formatted for a PC - there is a MAC "work around" solution which allows saving and printing.

Note - MAC work around solution available:

Thank you for your interest in Teaching Point materials. From responses of our customer schools and educators, apparently we are the only supplier in the world of such complete subject-specifc instructional support materials beyond the textbook.

Regarding the use of our materials on a MAC, there is no problem with the eBook versions. However, if you absolutely, positively, need to save, customize and print our materials and you primarily use a MAC, we do have a "work around" solution, although only available with the printed versions teacher edition subscription or class set versions of the materials, not the eBook or DVD only versions.

Contact us about your MAC issue: Please contact us at with your interest in this work around solution and we will reply with details.

In answer to your question about the use of our files on a MAC, although we deliver a substantial teacher manual with instructional support materials in the printed versions, we also supply some of those same materials in eBook or DVD versions. The DVD only and printed versions include editable assessments (Word doc), editable class notes (PowerPoint's) and a PDF of the student book to print. The eBook teacher manual (with pacing guide, lesson plans, assessments, class notes and teacher version of student book with answers) and eBook student book versions are screen view only and sold separately.

As mentioned earlier, these can all be delivered in printed form, however, to protect the electronic versions of the materials we use a digital rights management system for our patented program and copyrighted intellectual property. Unfortunately, although the current versions of digital rights management programs we have reviewed support the eBook screen view only version of our materials on both MAC's and PC's, they do not yet do not support or protect DVD delivered files on MAC computers.

This is a disappointment to us as it is to the MAC users who wish to use the materials on their favored platform. On the other hand, over 90% of the world's computers are PC's and those who are using MAC's usually find a PC on which to use our materials given they are very helpful with new and unavoidable out-of-field assignments. The suppliers of these security programs are working on a MAC solution - they just don't have it yet.

We hope this is a helpful explanation and the MAC question does not represent too much of a deterrent to you in considering these complete instructional support materials all with mentoring teacher access through email. We look forward to serving you and your colleagues with any of our over 120 courses as we do schools in all 50 U.S. states and over 75 countries.

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